Saturday, January 1, 2011


Hello, fellow movie enthusiasts!  Another new update has been added to the blog. Now in the sidebar under the newly retitled "Movie Menu" (previously "Pages"), you will find a new link called "Special Features".  This includes links to other videos, facts, documentaries, whatever I could find about the movies I've posted.  Right now, we're starting off small with only two bonus features, but hopefully these will be growing in number.

Also, I wanted to add a reminder: if one of my links isn't working, you find a misspelling, or a fact is simply WRONG, please let me know either via the comments or email me.  I just recently noticed that the trailer for Silence of the Lambs is no longer working, and I'll need to fix it.  I will be checking out old posts and links periodically to keep things up to date, but if you notice something on your own, it doesn't hurt to let me know :)

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