Sunday, January 9, 2011

And The Results Are In!

The results of my survey are finally in, although, I must say I was a bit disappointed in the poor turnout. Only three people voted, and these three people yielded me with four responses (since you could vote for multiple options).  And so, here are the results of my survey: What do you think of the new header?

2 votes-- I like it; keep it up
0 votes-- Yuck. Go back to the original header
2 votes-- I like the idea, but do a different movie
0 votes-- I have a great idea for an image/header and will email it to you.

And so, here's what I'm going to do.  Since its pretty much balanced between liking this header and doing a different movie, I'm going to change the header every month.  So, The Phantom of the Paradise will be our header for January 2011, and coming up in February, I'm posting a header for the 1921 silent film Ace of Hearts.   After that....well, that's going to be up to you guys.  I'll be posting a series of surveys in an attempt to lower it down to the next month's header (March).  If no one really responds to this next survey, I'll select the header myself from then on.

Just a side note: in an effort to make this blog as exciting as possible, besides just posting a header for each movie, there will also be something posted at the bottom of the page, and a cast list of some of the characters in the sidebar.  This will change every month depending on the movie chosen.

A bonus for Phantom of the Paradise: because this is a musical, click on the pictures and you will be linked to a song from the movie!  After the month is over, I'll post these in the Special Features section.

One more addition I would like to mention: I've been adding labels to all of the review posts.  Currently, most of these posts just mention the basic information on the blog already, such as director and rating; this is to help you find more movies by certain directors or starring certain actors.  I'm also adding to it to give you labels with character names (ie. Hannibal Lecter for Silence of the Lambs) and topics or themes (ie. the Mafia in Mickey Blue Eyes).  All to make the movie selection process more pleasant for all of you!

Have a suggestion for making this blog better?  Please let me know ^_^

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