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Most of the time, when you check out a new movie, there are bonus features included on the DVDs. Here at Cinema Sweetheart's Film Reviews, we're no different, and this section is designed with the purpose of providing those wonderful bonus features that we have come to enjoy. There have been a few changes recently, and I've readjusted this section to accommodate. Now, all Videos and Sound Clips (songs, etc.) will be shown in Blue, while Literary/Historical Tidbits, Articles, Essays, etc. will be shown in Red.  Finally, Yellow will represent any comics, pictures, or games.

Phantom Reviews: The Phantom Reviewer is actually the one who inspired me to produce a movie review site of my own.  His mission to watch and review every Phantom of the Opera film ever made means that you see the whole gambit of POTO, from the good, the bad, to the trashiest trash.  Still, the Reviewer's interpretations are comical, interesting, and, for the most part, spot on.  Bringing humor to even the worst movie makes it interesting to watch.  I know I haven't really posted about Phantom of the Opera on the blog, yet, but this still pertains, as his reviews of The Phantom of the Paradise and The Abominable Dr. Phibes inspired me to watch them for myself.  The link included here will get you to his Youtube page.

Toilet Paper: South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone must really have liked Silence of the Lambs, because they devoted an entire episode of their TV show to it.  When Cartman convinces the rest of the gang to toilet paper the art teacher's house, law enforcement decides they need a criminal to catch a criminal.  So, they enlist the help of juvenile delinquent and serial toilet-paperer Josh Meyers, a Hannibal Lecter parody who is in a correctional facility for his crimes.  Very funny, if a little inappropriate at times.  The jokes are more satisfying once you have seen Silence, but can still be appreciated if you haven't. 

Hannibal Lecter's Answering Machine: Not sure if this is Anthony Hopkin's actual answering machine, but it would be pretty sweet if it was.  Just a fun little sound clip; might be fun to make this your voicemail message as well?  I would, but since my friends never leave voicemails, I'm afraid there will be some issues. 

Attend the Tale of Sweeney Todd: When PBS presented Sweeney Todd in Concert, they also included on their website a whole section devoted to the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, including his literary history in "penny dreadfuls," 18th century England, the historical barber, and various theatrical productions of this classic story.  Thought you really knew Sweeney Todd?  Think again!  This website is chock full of wonderful facts and tidbits to help educate you on the other aspects of this infamous murderer.

Sweeney Floyd: The Dim-Wit Barber of Mayberry: This is a silly little video spoofing both Sweeney Todd, and Floyd, the barber from the classic Andy Griffith Show.  Cute, amusing, and sure to bring a smile to the face of a Sweeney/Andy fan.  WARNING: make sure to lower the volume on your computer for the first few seconds, as the opening notes are very loud!

Buffalo Bill: An awkward video clip about a couple going through a serious problem:  Mandy loves Tom very much, but Tom has the unnerving habit of talking like Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs and it scares her. When she finally confronts him about it, will he be able to stop for her?

Death Records: As promised, included here are the songs from the January 2011 Phantom of the Paradise sidebar.  Included songs are The Hell of It (Death Records), Special to Me (Phoenix), Faust (Swan), The Phantom's Theme (Phantom), and Somebody Super Like You (Beef).  The rest can be found by clicking on Death Records, which will link you to Endoskeleton's YouTube account.

Orphan Feast: It's London, 1886, and you get to play your own Sweeney Todd character!  Meet Creaky Tom, a loathsome creature with a horrifying assignment.  Run about the bustling English city knocking out children, stuffing them in a sack, and transporting them back to your secret lair for your employer Oliver Twisted, who wants to make them into pies.  Horrible and addicting, this is a Sweeney Todd story with a strange twist that changes everything.
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