Thursday, January 12, 2012

Film Production Otter

The concept of the meme has exploded on the Internet, and there are memes for everything!  Personally, I subscribe to memes about college, library science, English majors, writing, knitting, Oscar Wilde, and even Hannibal Lecter.  There really is something for everyone.  If you're interested in film studies, I've found a Tumblr account for you to check out.

Fuck Yeah Film Production Otter is a collection of memes showcasing inside jokes and common experiences that might be shared among film students.  Seeing as my only real film classes were film critique and screenwriting, I can't really relate to most of what I read.  But, there are a few I find amusing, and it's my hope that someone stumbling into my blog might find this meme relatable and fun :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Teen Movies

As a film buff, I try to be somewhat open-minded about the films I watch.  However, as a film critic, I'm also very particular about them. There are times when these two aspects of my personality collide in a very ambivalent relationship.....Teen Movies.

Teen movies can be cute.  Teen movies can be funny.  And teen movies are nothing if not uplifting, encouraging, and happy-endings-all-around.  As a moviegoer, I love this.  There's nothing better than a happy ending, right?  But, as a critic, these sorts of films drive me crazy.  Life does not work out that way; things are not always happy and perfect (and definitely not this corny!).  And while movies are SUPPOSED to act as a diversion from the tougher things in life, things do not always wrap up neatly in a little box with a big bow on top.  Usually, once the guy leaves, the guy does not come back to say the he's changed his mind and wants to stay with the girl forever (or if he does, it's not with a very cheesy, mushy, lovey-dovey line).  I hate it, but I love it, too.

I found this clip online, and it made me laugh.  First, because it describes teen movies as they would happen in real life.  Second, there is a huge inside joke for me (and the Film Critic might catch this, too-- pay attention, Joe), in the first names of the main couple.  I guess my biggest struggle with teen movies (and perhaps with romance movies in general) is the fact that life just does not work that way. 

Despite my obvious complaints against teen movies, I can honestly say that they are really not all THAT bad.  After all, they are funny, entertaining, and make you feel a little bit better about yourself afterwards.  I guess I'm just a crazy cynic, haha.  Maybe that's why I'm still single?  Nah...just haven't found someone as nutty as me yet :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Hello, everyone, and Happy New Year!  I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday.  I'm really excited to bring some new changes to Cinema Sweetheart this year!  To start, Cinema Sweetheart's Film Reviews will no longer be strictly film reviews (with a few other random bits tossed in here and there).  Rather, I'm hoping to expand the website quite a bit more.  Instead, Cinema Sweetheart will include all matter of posts (still every Thursday), including commentary, parodies, some reviews, video clips, some fun behind the scenes bits, and much, much more.  Starting this Thursday, we'll have our first post of 2012.  A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has stuck around with me for the past few months.  I'm really hoping that this little blog continues to live up to your expectations.  Also, if there is anything you want to see, please do not hesitate to tell me, either in the comments on this post or via email at  I check my emails at least once a week on this account, and will get back to you as soon as I can.  I'd love to hear your opinions on things; this blog is for you just as much (if not more) than it is for me :)
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