Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Return Tomorrow

And I just have a quick question for all of you......

How many of you honestly read Cinema Sweetheart's Film Reviews anymore?  Because, while I'm not sure I'll END the blog, I am considering slowing down, or at least taking myself off of an "every Thursday" posting routine.  That would mean that reviews would be more sparse, and randomly posted.  It's just that I'm starting to lose steam for my review writing, and I feel like no one really reads my blog anyway.  I mean, it's not that big of a deal, but it's a lot of work if no one even cares.

I have enough reviews to get through October and a little bit of November, as of right now.  I will post all of these, but I'm not sure what will happen after that.  I guess that's up to you guys.....

Please let me know how you feel in the comments.  Please be honest; you seriously WON'T hurt my feelings, I promise!


  1. I always read the reviews for films that I have seen or heard of, but you do write a lot of reviews of lesser-known films. If you want more readers you might try writing reviews for films that are currently in theaters or that are more recent. I have the same problem since I watch a lot of older movies.

  2. I can post a comment!

    What a freakin' headache!

  3. Robby, thanks for the advice! The reason I focus on lesser-known films is so that people can hear my opinions on a movie they may not have heard of, and hopefully go and check it out. Maybe I should also branch into more mainstream films....the problem is quite simply that I don't watch those as much! :P

    Steven! I'm so glad you can post again! I missed you :)

  4. I have no problem with your film choices. I like that they are not mainstream but slowing down wouldn't be a problem.


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