Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shanghai Noon (2000)

Cinema Sweetheart's Rating: 8 out of 10
Director: Tom Dey
Starring: Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson, and Lucy Liu
Genre: Comedy, Western, Action
Run Time: 110 minutes
Sequel: Shanghai Knights (2003)

When a Chinese princess is kidnapped and held for ransom in the Wild West United States, the emperor sends the three greatest of his imperial guards to bring her back.  Imperial guard Chon Wang (Chan) saw the princess leave but failed to protect her, and now feels that its his duty to accompany the others, even if its just to carry their bags.  Meanwhile, wild west outlaw and ladies man Roy O'Bannon (Wilson) is double crossed by his own bandits.  A freak accident that involves the death of Chon's uncle bring the two men together, first as enemies, and then as reluctant allies.

It was wonderful to finally see Shanghai Noon from start to finish.  Bad timing in the past has always ended with me seeing the movie in chunks.  I've seen the beginning and end, but missed most of the middle of the film.  So, it wasn't an entirely new film to me (as many of these are) since I've seen most of it, just not all at once.  Ironically, I've actually seen the sequel to the movie before I saw the actual movie itself.  (But enough about Shanghai Knights--I'll talk about that film in another post).

I really think this film has a little something for everyone.  Action, comedy, romance...It's a western, its a martial arts movie, its a historic film...And of course, Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan are just an amazing team!  The two of them had me laughing until I cried, and the drinking games scene is not one to be missed!  I love both of these actors on their own, but putting both together is simply a stroke of genius!

Another fun little tidbit...this movie is full of historical jokes and ironic references (although not as many as in the sequel).  Be sure to look for them all! ;)

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